Multiple Chemical Sensitivities – being a hairstylist with environmental illness

After my exposure to formaldehyde from the Brazilian Blowout in 2011, the chemical poisoning I experienced resulted in various health problems, including sensitivity to chemicals. Over the years, the sensitivity started to become worse.

By the month of May this past spring, I developed severe MCS (Multiple  Chemical Sensitivities) after visiting a recently renovated home that exposed me to various toxic chemicals. That was the tipping point, and Continue reading

Ditching the Shampoo

Life after formaldehyde poisoning has led me on a journey to a less toxic life style. One of the most detrimental ingredients in products is that of “fragrance.” Fragrance in products contains a slew of toxic ingredients. That one word contains a plethora of undisclosed toxins.  Some examples of other chemicals in shampoo to avoid include methylisothiazoline, sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, phthalates, and my all-time favorite, formaldehyde.

 As I remove various products from my life, I came to realize that Continue reading