About that ACV …

I recently mentioned that Apple Cider Vinegar can be used to condition your hair as a natural hair cleansing alternative.

Another use that I prefer ACV for even more is cleaning my apartment! A natural antiseptic, it works wonders to replace all of those harsh, toxic chemical cleaners.

1/2 cup ACV, 1 cup water

Mix a half a cup of ACV with one cup of water into a spray bottle and go to town! I clean everything in my house with this, from the kitchen to the bathroom, to some wooden dressers and my stone coffee table. I am amazed at how well it cleans my stove-top.

The smell can be slightly unpleasant at first for some, but it quickly dissipates. A few drops of organic essential oil can help with this. ACV is way better than breathing in the chemicals found in common household cleaners.

Option: essential oil

And remember when I mentioned using baking soda as shampoo? Three parts baking soda to one part water can also be used to clean around the house, as well! There are so many natural cleansing alternatives, I definitely encourage you to give them a try and see if they work for you.

Share your tips & experiences with non-toxic, natural cleaning methods!

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