Using Green to Cancel Red

When applying makeup, some women have facial redness, whether it be from acne, flushing, discoloration, broken capillaries or other issues. A common occurrence in those with Lupus is the Malar Rash, a red, butterfly-shaped rash on the face across the cheeks and nose.  For myself, it is particularly prominent during a flare up and the bright red mark is a noticeable sign across my face.

Malar Rash
Malar Rash

In order to tone down the redness, I use green face powder to help mute the color. Those of you who prefer liquid or cream makeup, I suggest finding a low-toxic, gentle brand that you trust. I prefer EveryDay Minerals Mint Color Corrector, a vegan powder with naturally derived ingredients.

Green Color Corrector to Cancel Redness
Green Color Corrector to Cancel Redness

While this technique does not completely cover the redness, it makes a fantastic difference. From there, I use my typical face powder over the green and then I add blush. Even though the redness from the rash offers it’s own pigment, I often prefer to highlight with other color options. Sometimes, though, I just roll with the punches and leave my face bare, using the flush in my favor.

So the next time you are in a hurry and want the ruddiness in your face to be less noticeable, sweep some green over any problem areas and you are good to go!

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