When I first started this blog in 2011, I had no idea how far my story would reach and where it would take me.  As a hair stylist in NYC suffering from the effects of formaldehyde poisoning due to the Brazilian Blowout treatment, I had taken my background in writing, coupled with my experience as a hair stylist, to write about my journey. Since then, my advocacy efforts have enabled me to meet some incredible people supporting the cause, lobbying on Capitol Hill, being featured in various media, serving as a guest on the Dr. Oz Show and co-founding Pretty Toxic.

In that time, I have also struggled with my health as a result of my body being sensitized by the formaldehyde.  I developed severe MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities) that have completely changed the way I live my life. This blog focuses on a variety of industry related topics, from hair and beauty tips, updates on my story and the strides we are making, to the different measures and experiences I seek to try and get well again. The blog will include the latest news, tips and discoveries regarding products and steps to take toward leading a less toxic, but not less beautiful, lifestyle.

I hope that you will join me along the way!

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