Starting Over – Career Change at 30 (from the desk to the chair)

Recent conversations with clients have me thinking lately about life and the roads we travel to end up in our chosen careers. I realized that a lot of people are unhappy and scared to take the leap and change what they do for a living. I try to encourage people in doubt by using myself as an example, so I figured I would share my story of how I went from typing up spreadsheets to styling hair for a living.  Continue reading

Toxic: A hairstylist’s story of formaldehyde poisoning

When I started my first official apprentice job I knew that I would not stay there more than a year.  Bad education, drama, a dog running around and client services averaging 5 hours with lackluster results turned me off.  I always figured that my leaving would be based on witnessing one too many foil bleeds for my liking.  My plan was to leave once I was certain my resume was solid, and nothing could stand in the way of my next apprentice job. Everything was set.  Yet I found myself  sitting here in a daze, having just quit my job, without a clue as to what my next move will be.

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